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Purānic Geography of Bhārata-varsha


Excerpts from my upcoming new book “Purānic Geography of Bhārata-varsha”, which offers insight into how the ancient Puranic Texts describe the Earth that we know, and reconciles the opposing views that the Earth is like a sphere, a lotus flower, or a vast flat plane. (updated 2021)

Purāṇic Geography Part 2 (continued)

Puranic Geography

Discussions about the Purāṇic Geography of Bhārata-varṣa continued. Comparison of the Surya-Siddhanta to the Puranas. The inconceivable dual nature of reality. Earth as a lotus. Updated January 2021.

The Golden Age and Prophecy


Updated January 2021 – what proof is there that a new Golden Age is coming? When will it come? What will it be like? How long will it last? Who will miss out? Ancient hidden prophecies reveal what will happen over the next 50,000 years!

Medicines, Herbs & Spells




Vedic Tour of Our Universe
Come on an Animated Tour of our Puranic Universe, and Beyond, to the Transcendental Realm of Milk and Honey! How did the Ancients see the Flat-Earth of Bharata-Varsha, Heavenly Realms, Heavens of the Hollow Earth. How did they describe Hell, and the Land of the Spirits?

4 Yugas – The Ages of Man pt.1


The Prophecy of the Four Ages (1). A very detailed description of the super-advanced civilizations of the past, how humanity will evolve over the millennium,  and what the future holds for mankind. The Vedas reveal a cosmic cycle, The Four Yugas, The Ages of Man.

4 Yugas – Ages of Man pt.2


The Prophecy of the Four Ages (2). Vedic Aryans, Sumerians, Persians, Buddhists, Ancient Greeks, Jews, Muslims, Christianity and Aztecs have all written about the four ages of man, the four yugas, known as The Golden Age, The Silver Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age.

What is Hell Like?


The Varaha Purana has a unique description of the residence of Yamaraja, or Hades, the God of Death. As a God, his city has hevenly gardens and palaces, but in his courthouse He sends the departed souls to either Hell or back to Earth due to their good or bad karma.

Aryan Invasion Myth Debunked

Aryan invasion mythJULY 2017 – New evidence comprehensively debunks the 19th century’s colonial Aryan Invasion Theory and its late 20th century refinement, the Indo-Aryan Migration theory.

2012 and the Golden Age
2012GoldenAge 3rd March 2014 – predictions from the Bhrigu-samhita for 2000 to 2050 …… The Golden Age and the end of society as we know it!  Earthquakes, asteroids, plagues, wars, and the tidal wave of love and enlightenment.

The Source of all Religions 
Source of all religions 2May 2014 Decades of research by David M Sherman, a religious monk and historian, has unveiled a forgotten global worship of Krishna, Radha and Baladeva in the religions of antiquity. By insightfully combining the research of leading scholars of each tradition, he shows through linguistics, archaeology and scripture, a refreshing unity of world religion.

Jesus, Hare Krishna & the Occult

jesus-krishna&occult Easter 2017 – Was Jesus the Messiah or a Gnostic myth? Can we all become a Christ? Was Jesus a Shaktya-vesha Avatar? Did Jesus travel to India? Are the New Age Gospels authentic? Is the Bhavishya Purana’s account of Jesus authentic? Who was the real Jesus Christ?

Kirtan – the Yoga of Music
Kirtan – the yoga of Music – is a heartfelt expression which can lead to profound states of meditation and bliss. By singing sacred mantras we create a temple inside the altar of our hearts, a place of refuge, a place of love. This simple technique has been recommended by all the prophets and mystics of the world.

Science and Belief
Read here about the Self, Consciousness and the Universe. Ancient wisdom unraveling the latest modern theories and research. Latest discoveries smashing current theories, and confirming ancient teachings. 21st June 2014

The Bible and Vegetarianism
4th October 2011. What evidence is there in the Bible to support vegetarianism? Was Jesus a vegetarian? Here are three essays that research these questions, written by three different scholars of the Christian scriptures.

Mystic Visions
Updated 23rd Feb 2012  A personal diary of mystic visions and revelations. Stories and poems from many years of traversing the path of transcendence, the search for ultimate identity, and the ultimate source of reality. The stories begin with my death experience and a holy communion with the Supreme Soul.

Who is Sri Caitanya?
Also known as Caitanya Mahaprabhu, is he a 16th century Indian saint? A hidden incarnation of Vishnu? The original form of God? The secret return of Christ? Without doubt a real historical figure, What do the Hindu scriptures reveal?

The Ultimate Paradise
Krishna’s eternal pleasure paradise is where our bodies are exquisite & youthful, engaging in blissful love games, where speech is like beautiful songs, every step is like a dance, and all wishes are fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams!

The Meaning of Life


One definition of a civilized human is “one who tries to understand the meaning of life” Great thinkers, philosophers, religious leaders and curious teenagers ponder the same question. The Hindu classic ‘Bhagavad Gita’ offers answers.

The Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
 A vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literatures can be shown to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content in these literatures. March 2015.

God as ‘Time’In The Ancient World

Nara Hari Time Once Lord Nara-Hari / Kalah / Time was worshiped as the Supreme Lord world-wide. Krishna “Time I Am”, Nrshimadeva, Biblical Aryeh-Tzabaoth “Lion of Judah”, Greek Zeus-Jupiter Chronos-Saturus, Egyptian Heru-Ausu-Ammon-RA, Apademak, Buddhist Kalah-Bairab, Persian Zervan are all the same Lion-headed Lord.

Who is Sri Radha?

Sri Radha original goddessSri Radha is the original Goddess. Described in the oldest sacred texts on Earth, The Vedas, She is the Feminine aspect or Energy of Godhead, and is the source of all other Goddesses of Youth, Beauty, Love, Wisdom, Art, Science, Wealth & Compassion. Oct. 2016

The Goddess of the Ancients

Goddess of the AncientsThe Goddess has been worshipped by all peoples throughout history. Though they appear as many, their forms, names, powers, rituals and legends all connect in the ancient past as three aspects of the one original Goddess – The Maiden, The Mother and the Priestess. Nov. 2016

Ancient Goddess Art

Goddess Gallery Paintings ArtefactsWelcome to an Art Gallery of The Goddess. Murals, Paintings & Sculptures from around the world, illustrating the unlimited forms of the Goddess that have been worshipped, and their pastimes remembered by all peoples, in all ages. Nov. 2016

Atlantis & Dwarka: the ancient texts

Atlantis Dvaraka Dwarka DvaravatiWas the ancient Greek story of Atlantis based on the much older history of Dvarka? Decide for yourself, by comparing the original Greek and Sanskrit history and legend. Two of the oldest cultures on Earth share truly amazing similarities. Jan 2017

Links to Vedic Wisdom Libraries

Vedic Wisdom Bhagavatam Gita Purana Tarot Goddess Gods Greek EgyptianA Library of Ancient Wisdom. A lifetime is not long enough to study all the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancients. This book list will help the seekers of Self-Realization find the essence of knowledge, past down to us by an unbroken chain of Ancient Masters. Dec. 2016

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