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The Posts below by a collection of contributors are several years old. My latest research into the Vedic cosmology of the Earth can be found on my new pages:


Come on a 20 minute animated guided tour of our Universe, according to the ancient Vedic text “Srimad Bhagavatam”. Splendid computer generated visuals and narration describe how the ancient mystics perceive our poly-dimensional Universe. The concepts presented here are found in many ancient traditions, yet modern cosmology theories like the “Conscious Universe” the “Holographic Universe” and the “Fractal Universe” are ever moving closer toward the complex Vedic Cosmological Model. Explore what lies beyond the boundaries of our limited vision; the heavenly planets, where angels and demigods reside, the subterranean heavens of sense enjoyment, the different hellish regions, and what lies beyond the universal boundaries of time, space and karma; the kingdom of God and Divine Love. 

Disclaimer: Although most of the narration and graphics compiled in this 20 minute video are an accurate rendering of Bhagavata and Puranic Cosmology, the placement of a physical Earth-Globe on the salt ocean is not, from my research, supported by the texts. The globe-model used in the Surya-Siddhanta is a mathematical one, and, by the influence of the 3 modes of Maya-devi, manifests a 4-dimensional sphere of karma, desire, attachment, sacrifice, duty and meaning, which limits the movement of the living entities within the flat but curved lotus of the world we call Earth.

The Lotus Earth is both flat and spherical

Video accreditation – The following have produced the videos I have edited together to create a nutshell of Puranic Cosmology:

My 20 minute edit of Puranic Cosmology animations
(just ignore the ball-Earth part)

In the late 70’s, the American Cosmologist Carl Sagan looked at Hindu Cosmology and concluded that “by accident” the ancient Vedas describes cycles of creation of enormous length – no other ancient cosmology talked of creation in terms of billions of years. It is indeed a credit to Vedic Cosmology that it declares a day and night of Brahma to last 8.6 billion years. Compare this to the 13.8 billion year estimation by modern science for the age of the universe. One theory of modern cosmology states the universe is created, expands, contracts, and once again reformed in endless cycles, this is identical to the statements of the Vedas and Puranas. It is said the Supreme Being, Vishnu, breathes out the universe at creation, and draws all things back into Himself at dissolution …. until the next exhalation,  each lasting an incredible 311 trillion years!

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan discussing Vedic cosmology in this 70’s documentary “Cosmos”

Science has come a long way since 1979. The quest for a Unified Theory has led researchers to the concept of poly-dimensional universes consisting of primordial energy strings. The variegated vibration of which defines all known particles and forces in existence. But do they have any idea how to explain consciousness, life and intelligent design? Modern cosmology ‘String Theory’ begins to approach the Vedic idea that the universe is created by sentient vibration of prakriti, the dormant cosmic energy. For an entertaining explanation of this theory, search Youtube for “The Elegant Universe” (2003) with Brian Greene for his three part documentary on String Theory. Now we have newer theories that require a ‘Multiverse’ of almost infinite number of universes to explain the remarkable physical parameters that allow life to ‘evolve’ here, and yes, the ancient Vedas describe our universe to be one of billions of co-existing universes that emanate from the Cosmic body of Mahavishnu.

What I find interesting is the synthesis of scientific and Vedic cosmology. One pioneer in this field, Dr Richard L. Thompson, who’s interest lied in the sacred texts of ancient India, and the knowledge they possess, is author of the book “Mysteries of the Sacred Universe”. His 50 minute video documentary of the same name, discusses evidence of advanced astronomical knowledge in India’s ancient texts known as the Puranas. He was an authorised student of Vedic Cosmology, being an initiated disciple of the Vedic master Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, and grand-disciple of the acclaimed Vedic master and Vedic astronomer Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Gosvami. Richard was born in Binghamton, New York, in 1947.

He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in mathematics, specializing in probability theory and statistical mechanics. He has since done research at the State University of new York at Binghamton, Cambridge in the U.K., and at the Jolla Institute in San Diego. Until his recent demise, he was an active founding member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, and wrote many papers and books including: Mechanistic and Non-mechanistic Science, UFO Phenomena : Alien Identities, Demonstration by Information Theory that Life cannot arise from Matter, and co-author of Forbidden Archaeology, and, Consciousness -The Missing Link. Despite the fact that this film, and its computer animations, are now 20 years old, Dr Thompson delivers a fascinating and in-depth examination of both traditional and scientific cosmological paradigms.

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Sri Krishna - The Creator of All Existence 

To the top left of the map is the catur sloki Bhagavatam verse “aham evasam evagre…” proclaiming that before anything else existed there was only Sri Krsna. Therefore, in the center of the map, at the top, is Sri Krsna. On the right of this is the catur sloki Gita verse proclaiming Krsna to be the source of all the spiritual and material worlds “aham sarvasya prabhavo…”. thus all creation has only Sri Krsna as its source. Krsna manifests His svarupa-sakti, His pleasure potency, in the form of Srimati Radharani. Radha and Krsna are one, just as musk and its scent, or fire and heat are non-different, “radha purna sakti krsna purna saktiman…”.

Within the whorl of the lotus of svarupa-sakti to the left, Sriman Mahaprabhu in Svetadvipa (behind Radha and Krsna) is depicted. Krsna and His sakhis are in the center, and to the right is Krsna in the groves with the gopis. In the forefront is Radha and Krsna in Seva Kunja. Svarupa-sakti has three “functions”. They are the function of the sandhini-sakti predominated by Baladeva Prabhu, the samvit-sakti predominated by Sri Krsna Himself, the hladini-sakti predominated by Srimati Radharani.

The left side of the map is colored blue (as it comes from the sandhini-sakti, Baladeva Prabhu). The right side is red all the way to the bottom of the map, showing all the female potencies and bliss (ananda) that manifest from the hladini-sakti, Srimati Radharani. From Baladeva Prabhu (the sandhini-sakti), who exhibits the primary aspects of pure devotional service and bhakti to Sri Krsna, the first Quadrupal Expansion manifests, consisting of Vasudeva (Gokula), Aniruddha (Mathura), Pradyumna (Dvaraka) and Sankarsana. They again manifest the second Quadrupal Expansion as the Vaikuntha realms. From sandhini-sakti (Baladeva Prabhu) emanate the forms of all the nitya-siddha parikaras who perform their eternal pastimes within the cit-jagat (pure spiritual realms).

From the samvit-sakti (Vasudeva) all knowledge of relationships (sambandha-bhavas) is bestowed, and from the hladini-sakti. Srimati Radharani, come all sweet loving pastimes (ananda). Srimati Radharani manifests Her kaya-vyuha (bodily expansions) to please Sri Krsna in Goloka. From Her all bliss, ananda, manifests within madhurya-dhama (the realm of the highest aspects of love and affection), as premananda, sevananda, bhajanananda, harinamananda, Syamananda etc. etc. Mula-Sankarsana (in the first Quadrupal Expansion) manifests the second Quadrupal expansion which creates all the Vaikuntha realms of aisvarya-dhama, where feelings of awe and reverence for Krsna (who manifests there as Lord Narayana) abound.

Again from Baladeva Prabhu (sandhini-sakti, Maha-Sankarsana) all the bodily forms, planets, abodes etc. manifest. Also the three purusa avatars, controlling expansions, who manifest and maintain the jada-jagat, material worlds, namely Karanadakasayi-Visnu, Garbhodakasayi-Visnu and Ksirodakasayi-Visnu. And from the samvit-sakti (Vasudeva Prabhu) all knowledge of relationships is given. From the hladini-sakti, Srimati Radharani, all the billions of Laxmis (goddesses of fortune) manifest along with the bliss of Vaikunthananda (depicted in red).

Residing in the eternal realm of Kailash, immediately below the Vaikuntha planets, is the abode of Sada-Siva, eternal Lord Siva. In fact, it is described that he has a Visnu form and is Visnu-tattva (Brahma-samhita 8), but we have shown him in the map with his well recognized Siva form (this has been modified in the third edition of this map). Sada-Siva is present with his own sakti Parvati who emanates originally from the hladini-sakti.

Below this realm is the light of Krsna’s effulgence which impersonalist jnanis aspire to merge into. This effulgence (brahmajyoti) is manifest from Sri Krsna’s qualities of jnana and vairagya (Jaiva-Dharma, chap.13), which if perceived with impersonal vision appears as nirvisesa (without form), but when experienced by the bhaktas is recognized simply as the effulgence of their sweet Lord. The impersonal bliss experienced in this realm originates again from hladini- sakti, Srimati Radharani, and is known as brahmananda, the bliss of brahma. ‘When this bliss is experienced by Krsna’s bhaktas as His effulgence, it is also known as brahmananda.

The minute soul of atma merges into the supersoul of Brahman and is lost to infinity. He does not even know he is everywhere, and is now a vibration of OM, the sound of existence

The Karana or causal ocean, or Viraja River, is depicted below the brahmajyoti. This marks the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds. Vast and beautiful, its spiritual waters are ornamented with brilliant waves churned by the mighty storms of Krsna’s transcendental effulgence. Here Karanadakasayi-Visnu (or Maha-Visnu) reclines on Ananta-Sesa (Baladeva Prabhu), “from whose skin-pores unlimited universes are drifting like infinitesimal dust particles seen in the sun-rays entering through a window” to make up the entire jada-jagat, the dull or dead worlds. Understanding His mood of compassion for the wayward jivas, Rama-devi (Laxmi’s expansion) carries the jivas along with the time factor (kala) through the glance of Maha-Visnu into the material worlds through the agent of Sambhu Siva and impregnates the pradhana (dead matter) through the womb of Durga-devi (as the adhara­sakti), which manifests the prakrti (material nature) as a result.

 Simultaneously, Garbhodakasayi-Visnu enters every single separate universe, manifested from Karanadakasayi-Visnu, and reclines on an ocean of His own perspiration known as the Garbhodaka-ocean. The jivas. within whom Ksirodakasayi-Visnu (the third purusa avatar) now resides, then proceed to “pierce” the navel of Garbhodakasayi-Visnu (SB 3.8.13) “due to the intensity of their desires to materially enjoy” and a lows flower is produced from whence Lord Brahma appears. Lord Brahma, through the sakti coming from Sri Krsna, then proceeds to manifest the entire material higher, middle and lower planetary systems, of gross and subtle worlds.

This entire realm of maya-sakti (illusory world) or Durga-dhama (prison house) is also known as bahiranga-sakti. This jada-jagat, with all its unlimited universes, objects and bodies etc. originates from the sandhini-sakti (Baladeva Prabhu) in His service to Krsna. From the samvit-sakti (Vasudeva) again is manifested all knowledge, but in this realm it is mundane knowledge (bhautika-jnana). From the hladini-sakti (Srimati Radharani) is coming the bliss of all the enjoyment the jivas experience on the bodily, sensual platform, separate from any spiritual bliss of relating with Radha and Krsna. This is known as dead (jada) pleasure or jadananda. Residing at the bottom of the material universes is Lord Sankarsana and Ananta­Sesa. in His serpent form, balancing the unlimited universes on His unlimited jeweled hoods. Running down the left side of the map are verse references and on the right side are the actual verses from Brahma-samhita, from where all this information is described. Srimad-Bhagavatam and especially Jaiva-Dharma, also illuminate the same wonderful conclusions.

This is simply a mind-map and there are many variations of how these tattvas could be illustrated. It is offered to the devotees as a preaching tool where many essential truths can be easily referenced. Numerous details have been omitted for the sake of simplicity. In future editions these can be added.

by BV Tridandi Swami.


Vedic Cosmology Decoding the 5th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam

by Gauragopala Dasa‎, 15 July 2015

Mount Meru is a sacred mountain with five peaks in Vedic cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes. Meru is also called Sumeru (Sanskrit) or Sineru (Pāli) Many famous Hindu and similar Jain as well as Buddhist temples have been built as symbolic representations of this mountain. The highest point (the finial bud) on the pyatthat, a Burmese-style multi-tiered roof, represents Mount Meru.

The dimensions attributed to Mount Meru, all the references to it being as a part of the Cosmic Ocean, along with several statements like that the Sun along with all the planets circle the mountain, make determining its location most difficult, according to most scholars. The Surya Siddhanta mentions that Mt Meru lies in ‘the middle of the Earth’ (“Bhugol-madhya”) in the land of the Jambunad (Jambudvip). Narpatijayacharyā, a 9th-century text, based on mostly unpublished texts of Yāmal Tantr, mentions:

“Sumeruḥ Prithvī-madhye shrūyate drishyate na tu” Sumeru is heard to be in the middle of the Earth, but is not seen there.

Vārāhamihira, in his Panch-siddhāntikā, claims Mt Meru to be at the North Pole (though no mountain exists there as well). Suryasiddhānt, however, mentions a Mt Meru in the middle of Earth, besides a Sumeru and a Kumeru at both the Poles. There exist several versions of Cosmology in existing Hindu texts.

In one of them, cosmologically, the Meru mountain was also described as being surrounded by Mandrachal Mountain to the east, Supasarv Mountain to the west, Kumuda Mountain to the north and Kailash to the south. Sanatana Dharma legends Mount Meru of Hindu traditions has clearly mythical aspects, being described as 84,000 Yojan high (which is around 1,082,000 km (672,000 mi), or 85 times the Earths’s diameter), and having the Sun along with all its planets in the Solar System revolve around it as one unit. One Yojana can be taken to mean about 11.5 km (8 or 9 mi) though its magnitude seems to differ over time periods.

For example, the Earth’s circumference is 3,200 Yojanas according to Vārāhamihira and slightly less so in the Āryabhatiya, but is given to be 5,026.5 Yojanas in the Suryasiddhānta and 1,600 Yojanas in Nārada Purāna. The Matsya Purana and the Bhāgvata Purāna along with some other Hindu texts consistently give the height of 84,000 Yojanas to Mount Meru which translates into 672,000 miles or 1.082 million kilometers. Mount Meru is also the abode of Lord Brahma and the Demi-Gods (Dev).

Understood theologically, the Meru that is in the ‘center of the Earth’ and extends through the North and South Poles is the Axis Mundi of the Earth and ‘Universe ‘ or Cosmos, or the ORDERED visible sky. Thus viewed from the geocentric perspective the cosmos / universe is rotating around the Earth, the axis of which is Meru.

Sanskrit is the language of the demigods and is also the language of Goloka and Vaikuntha. It is not spoken, it is sung in sweet melodies of selfless love in its pure original form in Goloka-Vrindavana. Sanskrit is passed to the Vaikuntha planets and then to the mahat-tattva (material worlds) where celestial beings sing Sanskrit among the heavenly planets and was the prominent language in the Satya-yuga on this planet also. All the Vedas are written in Sanskrit.

Vaikuntha Realm of Ayodhya
Descent of Celestial Knowledge – the descent of Gangadevi

Unfortunately as the ages moved to Treta-yuga then Dvapara-yuga and finally Kali-yuga, not only is Sanskrit becoming more and more ignored, very few are pure enough to chant mantras that can materialize everything from gigantic floating cities to weapons of mass destruction or brahmastras. Also the reason why no architecture is found on this Planet past previous Vedic Societies is because the demigod like people of Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga and the first half of Dvapara-yuga lived in Palaces in the Sky and not on the earthly ground of the planet.

Flying City Vimana & Palace Vimana

The Treta-yuga was the same and it was only in the ending part of the Dvapara-yuga that some of the celestial beings living in massive empires in the sky venture to the planet’s surface, where various barbaric tribes existed, rarely disturbed by the heavenly beings. The tribes on this planet’s surface evolved up through lower species of material bodies while Celestial beings had devolved down from the material heavenly planets to Satya-yuga the Treta-yuga, then to the Dvapara-yuga and finally meeting at the cross roads of Kali-yuga where Sanskrit begins to become polluted by mundane tribal languages coming from the barbaric uncivilised languages coming from the aborigines on the surface of this planet.

So this planet is made up of those marginal living entities falling down from the material heavenly realms to the mundane material realm at the beginning of Kali-yuga, crossing the paths of those marginal living entities coming up from the evolution on this planet. Both begin to breed with each other at the beginning of Kali-yuga, 5000 years ago. Records of this are written in the histories of all ancient civilisations.

“there were giants in those days”
Sons of God & Daughters of Men

It is also important to understand that one can never reach the material heavenly ethereal worlds in this material universe by ‘gross matters’ technological means like space crafts or ‘Star Trek’ type material imaginings of exploring the material universe. Gross matter cannot measure, perceive, identify subtle ethereal matter, this is why ghosts (subtle ethereal MATERIAL bodies), that are actually all around us, can never be proven to exist with gross matter like cameras, Mobil phones, ex-rays, radio waves infrared, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the Hubble Telescope, The Electron Microscope etc

The only way is performing sacrifice or penance. Austerities, penances, fasting, denying oneself pleasure, giving in charity, philanthropy, giving to the poor, protecting children from emotional, psychological and sexual abuse, encouraging others to reach their full potential, looking after the elderly, helping your fellow man and protecting other species of life from exploitation and murder, building hospitals and Temples and in general making the world a better place etc can elevate one to a higher material realm. Note, even demons know that this is the only way to enter the heavenly worlds, so they also perform these ‘pious’ activities knowing that the gross biological body and its extended material technology, can NEVER take one to higher realms of reality known as the heavenly material planets.

However, in Kali-yuga the recommended sacrifice to get out of the material Universes is chanting Hare Krishna and congregational chanting in every Town and Village. Vaishnavism is following the selfless devotional goal that directs one to reawaken and regain ones original Krishna Consciousness and return home back to Godhead far beyond this material world and the many mundane heavenly worlds surrounding the Earth planet. A Vaishnava has no interest in the gross Earthly Planets or the subtle heavenly planets in this material Universe, they are only interested in serving Krishna and His pure devotees and getting out of the entire material worlds and going back home back to Goloka-Vrindavana The Ramayana describes a Vimana as a double-deck, circular (cylindrical) aircraft with portholes and a dome. It flew with the speed of the wind and gave forth a melodious sound.

Vimanas from descriptions in the Veda
Artist’s impressions of Vimanas

Primitive material science of the 21st Century has barely scratched the surface that can only be understood by piety and not mundane knowledge so use you intelligence and start chanting Hare Krishna. Two things are happening simultaneously over millions of years: the living entity is evolving or coming up through the species of life on this planets surface. The living entity is devolving or coming down from a higher celestial material realm.

When the dinosaurs where on the surface of this planet, advanced biological human species had not yet evolved due to the fact that biological evolutionary on the planets surface had not reached that stage of evolution. So where did the advanced higher material beings that existed on this planet in previous yugas, come from?? The mundane scientist today cannot even perceive the ‘subtle world’ which makes up the majority of the material universe, let alone anything spiritual which is only possible for pure devotees of Krishna to know.

The idea that Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga and the earlier parts of Dvapara-yuga, even though on this planet, existed in a higher realm of material reality, distinguished from the mundane evolution going on the surface of the planet, where the soul is evolving through bodily vessels or species until they reach the human species, does make a lot of sense. We find dinosaur bones but no evidence of very highly advanced societies, except a few remnants at the end of Dvapara-yuga.

Images above: Evidence of advanced architecture from the last Yuga, the inexplicable human and dinosaur footprints in ancient rock, Maya Danava, (who flies rockets in the Vedas) is drawn in a Mayan tomb!

Why is that so? The human biological body is the pinnacle of that evolution of the soul that has come up or evolved from the floor of this planet however at the same time there existed higher beings who’s bodily vessels were more ethereal with the ability is fly and live in massive cities in the sky, than biological and gross In this way, as each age became degraded, Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, the more those ethereal vessels becomes encased in biological heaver matter that extinguishes ALL their mystical powers. All species of life on this planet, leads or evolves eventually to the many human species.

Gobekli Tepe at 12,000 years old, is the world’s oldest temple outside India

These human tribes, coming up through the lower biological species or life, develop their own speculative beliefs in a God when they attain the earthly human primitive body. On the other hand there is Knowledge (Veda) that comes down to this planet from the demigods from the celestial levels of material existence (the sub-space heavenly planets). Even still a part of the material universes, the Veda has been passed down like this to our planet.

Descent of Transcendental Knowledge

The beginning of Kali-yuga is where the human tribes, born from coming up from the lower species and the celestial beings coming down from the heavenly planets, who followed the Vedas, crossed paths. This was only possible due to the Dvapara-yuga being degraded into the beginning of Kali-yuga that allowed the lowly ‘planet tribes’ to invade and be eventually influenced by of the ‘more celestial beings that followed the Vedas. This is why Sanskrit is the language of the demigods.

Therefore Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga and the most of the Dvapara, even though on this planet, must have been more celestial than earthly and existed in the sky of this planet rather than on the surface. In other Yugas there were mystical powers, huge cities floating in the air, happening at the same time the mundane biological evolutionary process was going on the floor of the planet, that the ‘celestials Vedic universal travellers’ left alone.

In February 2018 new Thorium dating revealed the age of the Spanish cave art was 64,000 years old. The scientists actually think these are Neanderthals, not prehistoric Aryans!

This is why no evidence is found of the Satya, Treta or Dvapara-yugas (except towards the end of Dvapara, when it has virtually been degraded down to the planets surface. Then Krishna came right at the very end of Dvapara-yuga, then after the battle at Kurukshetra, the Kali-yuga began and the invasion of the primitive animal like barbaric human tribes now had evolved enough to plunder the remanets of what was left from the Vedic culture. In the process, some of these barbaric tribes adapted to many practises, from cooking to rituals and prayer that gradually influenced many ‘gross worldly’ primitive cultures, like tribes in the Indian region and may have even influenced Judaism though, the Vedic culture was so degraded by then, the influence was weak and scattered because most of the saintly sages had already left the planet, to escape the on coming storm of Kali-yuga.

Western Time and the Multiverse

Dr Alex Katsman, a modern 21st century scientist explains in part that at the present time there is a lot of evidence that a certain part of the mahat-tattva universe is invisible to us. A substantial step in understanding the material universe was taken by Ronald Pearson. Pearson’s theory is based on the idea that when two kinds of primary particles are present, collisions and the exchange of energy between them cause the creation of a neuron-like structure.

Vedic Time and the Multiple Universes

This theory has opened a new field for modelling and explaining so-called “paranormal” phenomena or the subtle material world. The wave nature of our world, which is closely linked to Pearson’s theory, can be used to explain the existence of parallel worlds. Such parallel worlds are also material (not spiritual as some yogis and saints proclaim) to the same degree as our sensed world is. This means that they have the same wave nature with the same (or similar) physical laws.

With this idea as a starting point, one can develop a physical, quantum mechanics model of the higher frequency, parallel (ethereal) world that is usually invisible for us. Oliver Lodge apparently suggested the first reasonable explanation of the results: this invisible part of the material world operates at higher frequencies than the ones in the gross material world we are able to sense. Many investigators support this idea. However, the theoretical basis regarding such a subtle material world is absent.

Non-permanent subtle realms of Heaven and Hell

Most authors think of this world as a “spirit” world but it is just a higher reality of the material world in the mahat-tattva and not a spiritual phenomenon at all. The invisible (ethereal) part of the mahat-tattva universe has a physical structure similar to the world we sense: the matter is built from atoms, which, in turn, are constructed from nucleons and electrons, with the same elementary electrical charge. The size, structure and energy spectrum of ethereal atoms and presently detected atoms are the same. However, these heavenly and hellish ‘ghostly’ worlds and its ‘sub-space material matter’ within the mahat-tattva perishable world can never be detected by gross material means, these worlds are only ‘seen,’ visited and ‘realized’ by pious activities.

Different realm-dimensions within one universe

The mundane material scientists speculate that the ethereal mahat-tattva world is invisible to us because of different “universal” constants such as the speed of light, c, and Planck’s constant, h, while their product, c×h, which determines the elementary charge, is conserved. The ethereal speed of light is much higher than the one in our world or dimension, and Planck’s constant is much smaller. This leads to higher frequencies in the ethereal elementary particles, and in particular, photons, which realize the electromagnetic interaction between atoms.

Our atoms cannot absorb ethereal photons, and the ethereal world remains invisible to us and all our gross means of investigation, which includes the Hubble telescope and the Electron microscope. This is why with our gross material elements and machinery, we can never perceive the ethereal subtle world of matter and ethereal bodies. There apparently exists gravitational interaction between the ethereal world and our world, but this interaction is very small because of the very small masses of ethereal or ghostly bodies.

The scientists miss the point with this speculation and that is their own underlining body is also ethereal and is only wearing the biological vessel. The only means to enter the ethereal sub-space world is without a biological body and that is only achieved by the direction of pious activates as found in the Vedas.

by Gauragopal Das 15 July 2015

2014 cave drawings discovered in Chhattisgarh and Onake Kindi in Southern India

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